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Five Signs You Should Have Your Business Professionally Pressure Washed

Five signs have business pro pressure washed

As a business owner, your building is one of your most significant assets. Therefore, it's essential to know the signs to look for to see if you should hire a professional pressure washer to improve your building's exterior. This can not only affect the productivity of your business, but it can be a safety issue as well.

Things To Look Out For...

  • Rust or water stains: We've all seen these before. Unsightly rust or water stains formed around a leaky air conditioner, faucet, or vent. These stains make your building less attractive and portray an image that could be more professional. Our pressure washing team can remove these stains, providing a quick, economical fix for building beautification.
  • Your building needs repairs: A structure constantly covered in wet substances, mold, mildew, and slime will rot more quickly than a clean building. This will lead to more repairs, which cost money. Investing in regular pressure washes can prevent these frequent repairs.
  • Your electric bill has increased: Many business owners don't realize this, but if you notice an increase in your electric bill, it could be from a dirty building exterior. Build-up like moss, algae, and grime on the surface of your building can hinder your building's ability to reflect heat, making the inside of your building hotter. This, in turn, raises your electric bill. Regular pressure washings can prevent this problem!
  • You notice more rodents or insects around your building: Dirty buildings attract rodents and insects. Insects look for moist areas to breed in, and if your building is growing algae or moss, this is a prime location for them to lay their eggs. Rodents and birds will build nests in areas that have collected an overabundance of leaves and pine straw, like nooks and crannies in your building or unkempt gutters.
  • Your customers have commented on the appearance of your building's exterior: Customers notice when your building isn't looking its best, which is not the image a business owner wants to portray. Regular pressure washings can keep your building in top shape year round!

We're Here To Help!

In addition to our commercial services, we offer house washing, driveway washing, deck & fence washing, and sidewalk cleaning. Our team of trained professionals at NWA Pressure Cleaners LLC can evaluate any of the above situations, helping to keep your business, employees, and customers safe. Call us today to schedule a service or book an estimate online with our convenient form!

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